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The Nostalgia Issue

Nostalgia is the yearning for what once was. The belief that the return to the past would be a return to self. But perhaps it is not just about what, indeed, had, but also about what could have or should have been. The yearning for what we wish had happened and never did or a longing for the past, which, curated by our memory, becomes very different from what actually had occurred. 


It can be brought about by an object, a song, a smell, a taste…It suddenly overtakes us or comes around invited. The English language has a beautiful multiplicity of past tenses, conditionals and potential moods to express the yearning for the past, in whatever form it takes. 


We are looking forward to how you grapple with the issue. What are you nostalgic for? What does nostalgia mean to you? Or, maybe, we got it all wrong? Indulge us in your memories, reveries, and hopes.

The submissions for this have now closed. The Nostalgia Issue will be published soon. 

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