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Phi Magazine (Φ) is a quarterly publication aimed at showcasing the creative talents of Philosophy students across the globe. Be it photography, painting, poetry, prose, or anything in between, then it can find a place in the pages of Φ.

Phi Magazine was established by Chiara Zucchelli in March 2018, with a vision to provide a platform for the creative expressions of Philosophy students. Since its inception, Phi has grown and evolved, embracing a broader creative community. Over the years, Phi has not only showcased the work of philosophically minded creators but has also hosted captivating art exhibitions and engaging social events. 


In August 2023, the editor-in-chief position was passed on to Julie Uszpolewicz, marking an exciting new chapter for the magazine. The current editorial team consists of:

Editor in Chief: Julie Uszpolewicz.
Prose Team:  Victoria Comstock Kershaw (Senior Editor), Stanisław Szeląg, and Aleena Watkins.

Non-Fiction Team: Barbara Listek, Rian Wilson, and Ellen Cross.
Poetry Team: Laura Empson (Senior Editor), Antonia Kattos (Senior Editor). Francesca Caselli (Senior Editor), Lara Mae Simpson and Sophia Ash.
Communications and Events Team: Wayan Chan and Grace Schlayer-Westbrook. 

Graphic Design Team: Wayan Chan (Team Director, Maja Koperska, and Sarah June Brehm. 

We also feature several Designers in Residence including Renee Bertini, Cveta Gotovats & more.

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