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Our Mission

Phi Magazine (Φ) is a quarterly publication aimed at showcasing the creative talents of Philosophy students across the globe. Be it photography, painting, poetry, prose, or anything in between, then it can find a place in the pages of Φ.

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Meet the Team

Chiara Zucchelli founded the publication in March 2018 with the aim of giving the creations of Philosophy students a platform. Since it’s founding, Phi has expanded its team to include Content Editors and Artists in Residence, and has also hosted several art exhibitions and social events. Our current editorial team consits of:

Editor in Chief: Chiara Zucchelli
Fiction Team: Sara Bernabe, David Chandler, and Victoria Comstock Kershaw.

Non-Fiction Team: Julie Uszpolewicz (Senior Editor), Luca Marsico, and George Williams.
Poetry Team: Laura Empson (Senior Editor), Antonia Kattos (Senior Editor) & Francesca Caselli (Senior Editor), and Carlota Salvador Megias.
Communications and Events Coordinator: Wayan Chan

We also feature several Designers in Residence including Renee Bertini, Sarah-June Brehm, Cveta Gotovats & more.

Our Past Issues

Click on any of our past issues to explore them virtually.

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